Copyrights and the use of works

ISCM - Slovak Section and its project New Music for Kids and Teens offer the following
to music authors:

  • space for the propagation of their compositions
  • possibility of presentation of their works at concerts at EMS throughout Slovakia
  • integration of their works in the educational process at EMS and conservatories in Slovakia
  • space for making cultural and personal contacts with composers, teachers and junior musicians
  • space for familiarizing with and mutual enrichment of cultures through the art of music from various countries
  • recorded presentation of their works within projects of ISCM – Slovak Section

From each author ISCM - Slovak Section needs:

  • the author's consent to the use of his/her work by another person (licensee: ISCM - Slovak Section, owner of the database)
  • the author's agreement with the release of his/her work in the online database without any right to royalties
  • author's short note to the composition (optional)
  • contact data for communication purposes

Based on Article 40 of Act No. 618/2003 Coll. (Copyright Act), the author and ISCM - Slovak Section will enter into a license agreement (license agreement specimen), specifying in more detail all terms and conditions of their co-operation.

Authors interested in joining our project, whose works, however, have already been released in press, and who, subject to an agreement with the publisher, are not allowed to provide the work to any other licensee, can join the project by providing to ISCM - Slovak Section all relevant information about the released work (publisher, year of release, ISBN, publisher/distributor contact data). That information will be published in the database within the section Other recommended sources and will help to enrich the repertoire.

In the event that the author's work has already been released in press, yet the author wishes to have his/her work released in the New Music for Kids and Teens database, he/she will have to contact the publisher in order to define the conditions of such release.

Use of the work

Works released in the database available on are intended primarily for public presentation of the works at concerts organized by ISCM - Slovak Section. In association with EMU – Slovakia, ISCM - Slovak Section has initiated a contemporary children's music concert cycle, performed by young musicians, under the title Portraits. The concerts will be organized by elementary music schools as not-for-profit school events. Scores will be provided to teachers and EMS students by ISCM - Slovak Section, and will be used in the educational process and related performances. All activities of ISCM - Slovak Section are non-profit activities.

Pursuant to Slovak Act No. 618/2003 Coll. (Copyright Act), Article 30 (1) (b), compositions can be used at non-profit school events even without the composer's consent, if they are performed only by school students or teachers; according to Article 30 (3), in such a case the author is not entitled to any remuneration. Any other public presentation of compositions shall be governed by conditions of the Copyright Act (No. 618/2003 Coll.) and are subject to obligations arising therefrom.

The International Society for Contemporary Music – Slovak Section (ISCM) shall not be held liable for illegal downloading of works from this database, nor for their use outside the projects of ISCM – Slovak Section.